My passions

I think that one of the first things I remember is a ballet class I attended. The changing room was in a basement so there was only a small window that let the light in. I enjoyed doing the butterfly on the ground (an exercise to improve flexibility where you sit on the floor with the knees bent and feet close together at the hips – really funny and useful for dance classes with kids). I loved to touch and look at the stage clothes, admire the details of the tutus with lace, sequins and embroidery and most of all watch the professional dancers rehearsing.

I tried a lot of different type of dance: Ballet, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Salsa and Bachata.

Dancing is really a powerful instrument to communicate with people. I was able to dance and totally forget about everything else. There was no worries at all, just the music and my body. With the right song I was able to contract all the muscles of my body.

My passion for dancing goes hand in hand with my passion for music. I listen to different genres of music: from Classical to Rock, Pop , and so on. I also like to sing and I allow myself some karaoke nights here and there with friends and colleagues.

The funny thing is that my husband calls me the jukebox! Of course I am not, but his overestimated idea of me flatters me!

I always been interested in art. I remember I had good grades on art history class and drawing classes. I find painting easier than drawing and I do believe I am better at the first one rather than the latter. I was never really satisfied with what I drew.

After a long time spent watching Do-It-Yourself (DIY) shows such as Property Brothers, Fixer Upper etc..I finally signed up for a Woodworking workshop and I built my own spice rack! Unfortunately I just did the beginner class (not because I was terrified about the usage of the professional machines) but I just didn’t find the right time to proceed with the next workshop (but its in my to-do list).

Every now and then I pull my knitting and crochet set out of the drawer and make scarves and hats for someone. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it as its really relaxing, easy and satisfying! The last thing I did was a bear hood for my son by following this video on YouTube.

I spend a lot of time watching movies and series. I could write a whole blog about the things that I watch online and at the cinema! Thank you technology, Netflix, iMovie, AppleTv+, cinemas etc for existing!

Last but not least, I enjoy cooking (and eating). I was raised in Italy so I embraced the entire food tradition! I will share with you some of dishes I prepare. Check the recipes page on my website! I will post one soon.

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