Spreewelten Bad – Family getaway

Reaching the end of the year with just few days of holidays since July (a couple to be specific) has led us to a high level of stress. We needed to disconnect from our daily lives.

We were looking for a place not far from Berlin, reachable by train (Enea is not used to stay in a car) with indoor playground and swimming pool. We asked for advice to parents on the fb page ExpatBabies Berlin and decided to book 3 days at Spreewelten Bad.

Sprenkelten Bad is a sort of small water park with wellness centre and penguins located in Lübennau, 95 kms from Berlin (1,5 hour by train).

The idea was to relax, have fun, disconnect from stress and enjoy some family time. In other words: breakfast, swimming pool, lunch, nap, swimming pool , dinner, put Enea to sleep, adults sauna and sleep. Repeat the next day!

We booked two nights in the hotel and we were quite satisfied about it. You get an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen including microwave and dishwasher, bunk bed, tv, sofa and a small garden.

We arrived earlier than the check-in time, therefore, after dropping our luggages at the hotel, we went to the old town of Lübbenau and had lunch there. We stopped at a restaurant called Pension Strubel, a small family friendly pension that serves delicious food. As soon as we sat, the waiter gave us a high chair, pencils and a paper to entertain Enea! I also noticed that there’s a small kid’s corner in the bigger room. I guess is really useful over summertime when the pension get full of clients.

After the check in we went straight to the swimming pool area. The kid’s pool is the warmest (I saw some people sneaking inside even without having a kid!) and, obviously, we spent most of our time there. The biggest swimming pool is usually crowded every 30 minutes when there’s 5 minutes of waves. One circular side of the big swimming pool is supplied with an artificial current that spin you around. My son loved it!

We visited the outside pool just once but its one of the best areas to enjoy the feeding of the penguins (twice a day).

There’s also an small indoor playground with a large glass facing the penguin’s pool, quite useful when your son’s skin get all pruney.

We had breakfast and dinner buffet and we appreciated all the dishes that have been served. We were not expecting it to be that good, to be honest. Normally, buffet in hotels are generally quite disappointing but this is not one of them.

While our son was sleeping we managed to enjoy the wellness area, with tons of different saunas, relaxation areas and pools.

I really recommend this place for a quit weekend alone, in couple, groups and most of all families independently of the season.

If its cold outside you can just lock yourself in the resort but if its summer it worth to visit the old town of Lübbenau and Spreewald surroundings full of nature and outdoor activities.

If you are able to visit the place, let me know what you think!

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