Social distancing for a bit

Hi all,

I am trying to cope with what is happening in the word right now. There are moment where I read the news and I am like ‘no, come on, it’s not possible’. There are days where I fear the worst and days that I do not mind seeing myself home for some days.

I am constantly worried about my family in Italy and my heart is broken for the entire situation in the country. So many people lost their mother, father, grandparents and friends for the virus.

I do not want to make too sad but everyone needs to see this video on the newspaper obituary listings.

I am also scared about what is happening here in Germany, Berlin most precisely. I really do not understand how people can be so dumb to raid supermarkets and pharmacies but keep staying outside, having meetings with friends and totally don’t have a bit of understanding of the entire situation.

I was hoping for stricter rules from the German government but all I here is ‘we are prepared for what is going to happen.. and btw 60% of the population will get it!’. To be clear: I do not want to take the risk and I think that as a population we shouldn’t too even if we have one of the best health service in the world. So why not embrace the Italian approach and order to have people staying at home? – Yeah, this is also another point. People are still not respecting the rule in Italy. I think that Italian government should call the army for help.

I always say the following which befits the current situation:

You can trust individuals but not people. You can’t trust people.

People don’t think rationally, they panic. People need guidance and rules.

Knowing what is happening in Italy, we decided to voluntary isolate ourselves from everyone starting from the 1 day of kindergarten’s closure. The latter should open again after 5 weeks so we planned to stay home and avoid any social contact at least until then. We will just go out from time to time for grocery and maybe to have our son running around the building (there is no restriction here in Germany to stay outside).

As expats I can just imagine how hard it could be if at least one of us get sick. It’s already hard enough trying to work from home and entertain the little one.

Trying to work is horrible. We wake up early so we have 1 hour to concentrate, then when Enea wakes up we change his clothes, wash him and have breakfast. The rest of the day is trying to jump into a call and have him less time as possible in front of the TV. We are just at day 3 and I can’t remember certain parts of the day because everything was just a mess! Our son is a really active boy that does not like to play alone (nice ah?).

Anyway, as hard as it is, we thing this is the best thing to do to support the cause, preserve ourselves and, most of all, all the other who can’t like older people or with health issues.

I am not ready for the longest (hopefully just) 5 weeks of my life..yeah, I guess I am just being too optimistic.

Let me know what do you think about the situation, what are doing during these days!

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