Social Distancing – day 4

Today I cried. I felt a bit overwhelmed by the entire situation. I felt quite negative and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I miss my family and how worried I am for them. Also having to work and being locked home with an active toddler does not really help and I am quite worried about the two of us too, to be honest.

This entire situation feels off and on surreal to me. I am in this spot where I don’t see and can’t predict the end and it’s just scary. Some people might think I am overreacting but this is the way I am living this moment right now. Some days get better, some days worst.

As I said to my friends earlier today: I was hoping to go back home (Italy) to stay with family and friends and have a bit of time for myself while my family would take care of our son and now I am at home 24/7 for an undefined time. Funny eh?

I do think about positive things too: we cook and eat good stuff, we spend time together, we are not missing any new event on our son’s development and we do dance and sing a lot.

Stay safe and healthy and remember that it’s ok to feel sad from time to time.You are not alone.

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  1. You are not alone feeling that way. People will probably think you are overreacting but….who really cares. This whole situation will re-shape we, as community and human beings, we think and connect in a society. Human relationship will get more value and probably we can find more positive stuff in this than any other time. Being sad is part of our way to face problem, particularly when they are bigger than what we were expecting, but the way we react makes he difference and makes us stand up and fight to get things better. It will be over soon, I am sure. Until then, let’s keep it up and dance ❤


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