To workout or not to workout?

I’ve never been a fit person (Not true, I was for a long time when I was a dancer and a dancer assistant and even after that)

I’ve got quite lazy after having my son (Ok, now I am telling the truth). OMG, how hard is it for me to find time and motivation to train 🤸🏽‍♀️?! There are 2 problems here:

  1. I always have the feeling of not having much time to do anything. If I think about the list of things I have to do for work and at home, then training feels like something that definitively can be postpone, postpone to a different moment that turns out quite hard to find at the end..and that happens quite rarely every now and then
  2. I get demotivated easily. Oh yeah. Instagram, Facebook and TV show people that find the time to stay healthy and workout. This just makes me even more sad because making the comparison and blaming myself is easier that actually change something

Anyway, this isolation period due to the Covid-19 is really driving me crazy because staying at home with a 2 years old cute thunderstorm ⛈ 🌪 , having to work, having tons of projects/ideas💡 and being myself do not actually fit together.

I am at the end of the 3rd week of isolation with my family and I had to change my attitude to try to survive. One of the changes consist of training a bit, at least every other day, possibly in the morning at 6:30 for at least 40 mins. The actually plan was to train every day but yeah.. let me explain below why this is NOT happening.

As I mentioned, this period is really not easy for me. Unfortunately, in these last 3/4 days I had a bit of a step back on my mood and depression as things are just too hard and difficult right now. Some days ago I had the feeling I had everything under control but lately I started drowning again in the loop ‘ This is just too much for me’, ‘I will not be able to handle this’, ‘I can’t breathe’ etc.. and this state of mind is easier to get demotivated. What really gives me the final blow is social media. How many women, man, MILF, DILF, transgender etc are successfully working out and proudly showing their amazing slim bodies? Where the hell they find all this time and energy? Pictures with people training, while entertaining the kids on one hand and cooking with the feet?! WTH!?

My unrealistic plan? Being slim, meaning loosing 10kg by June. The more I think about it the more I feel mad about myself. Every time I pass by a mirror, see a dress online or open my wardrobe I just want to puke 🤮.

Anyway, I want to share with you the routine I am ‘doing’, in case you are wondering.

I download a lot of apps with good ratings but after some trial then you have to pay… and I am not that consistent to pay for a fee. At the end I found the Nike app ‘NTC’, which is really nice and for FREEEEEE! I’ll leave the link at the end of the post.

These are some of the workouts I do when I am not to lazy:

  • Core Strength (8 min) : after the warmup
  • Abs and arms (13 mins)
  • Quick Core Crush (10 mins)
  • Master the basics (15 mins)
  • Shoulder Shaper (21 mins)
  • Plank finisher in 5 mins

I don’t do all of them in one session, I normally have 7 mins workout and then 30/40 mins exercise and some free abs workout.

At home I just have a gym mat, 2 weights of 1,5kg (not much but it works for me), an elastic band and a skipping rope (don’t buy this one, it’s just not practical).

One day I might post here the video of my warmup. It’s something similar to barre and helps me get ready for the training. But for now I can share the song which is ‘What went wrong’ from JP Cooper at least two times to be sure I am ready to start.

You can check my full Spotify playlist 🎶 ‘Warmup & Workout’.

Another nice page I found is a YouTube channel called ‘Popsugar Fitness’ with a lot of different classes and type of exercises.

Download 📲 the NTC APP:

Android here

IOS here

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