Today there will be a protest in Berlin to support the protest in USA after the murder of George Floyd.

I thought for days if I should take part in the demonstration and at the end I didn’t because I am not so sure people would be able to keep distance. Maybe they did but I was not willing to take the risk for me and my family. And here I am feeling guilty of not having supported the cause.

This is, indeed, such a sensitive topic to me. I have been bullied and discriminated during my childhood for the colour of my skin. I know what if feels like.

I am seeing a lot of videos coming out, reading a lot of different stories alway ending up the same way: someone loses their life for fear of diversity, for meanness, for bad education within school and family.

This is the time to acknowledge that there is an unexplainable gap between black and white people and simply it shouldn’t.

You white reader can still make the difference. DO NOT think this cause do not concern you because it actually does. White privilege is a thing and is real. You can make the different by standing next to us, by showing your support, by teaching you children how to behave and how to embrace the difference.

To all the mothers out there worried because their children are on the street protesting and demanding for a change:I feel your worries. You have all the rights to be worried, because there are some police officers that are not doing their job properly and are not serving their country in the right way but you all have to be proud of your children. They are standing up for a real change.

I just hope that my son will not have to go trough the same I did and I am confident that all these riots will make a difference this time.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were bullied for exactly this. It’s very sad that we unfortunately still have to experience this kind of bruatality. Don’t feel guilty for not going, you expressing yourself in any format matters..✊🏽


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