Long time no see.. 2020 was crazy

Hi everyone,

yes, it’s me. Surprised eh? I know, I have to apologise for not writing a post for over a year. This year has been just too crazy and I am sure you think it too.

How have you been dealing with all the changes last year brought us? I hope 2020 brought you also something good, something to learn from, some amazing skill you did not know you have, even just being able to adapt to the changes.

I can’t believe a year has passed. I have the feeling that 2020 has been stolen from me somehow. We had so many plans but nothing was really accomplished..or at least not everything that was on the list.

Well, I can’t really say last year was all bad. We managed to see our family at least once in July, we managed to enjoy a bit of only-adults-time and had real (short) holidays for the two of us in Amalfi and then..a wonderful news: we were expecting our second child, a baby girl!

Sure, it’s not easy to be pregnant during pandemic. I had the worst pregnancy symptoms for quite long (nausea, back-pain, dizziness, early contractions etc) and when all these nice things passed I was not able to walk properly.

Summary: for one reason or the other we literally locked ourselves home!

I feel quite sorry for our son, because by not going out that much I feel like we took away something from him, for at least this is what we think. I wish he would have done some extra activities after daycare, met with more friends and most of all visit museums and classes as we used to do ( and we did not have a daycare for some time too). If you have kids, I know you feel the same.

Our healthy baby girl, was born on March 23rd, 2 weeks before due date and is called Olimpia. She is a quiet happy baby and very much loved by her big brother!

I’m surprised of how we are managing to handle both kids so far. Yes, it’s definitely not easy but we are surviving and I’m quite content about it.

This good feeling add up with the good mood we are getting from summer vibes and with the ongoing vaccination plan we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I really hope that this happy mood accompany me for the rest of the year. I feel blessed and with new perspectives..but I will tell you more in the next posts.

Looking back to 2020 what are you proud of ? What have you learned ? How do you feel this extremely hard situation affected you? and how this first half of the year has gone so far? You still have the chance to adapt and make changes to chase your happiness.

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