Dear all,

In previous posts I mentioned my passion for woodworking but I still haven’t posted anything about it.

It has been in the back of my head for quite a long time now. Sure I have quite a few thing to share with you in regards to the things I made with my own hands and jigsaw.

I had the change to be interviewed by Anna-Liisa for her blog. She is the founder of Berlin Wood Sisters, a community with the aim of introduce women and girls to woodworking and carving.

I have been following Anna-Liisa for quite some time now and I can’t wait to see her major goal come to reality: keep growing this amazing community and have a co-working space to stay together, attend workshops and develop our own projects.

I enjoyed the interview because nobody had ever made me think about my history with woodworking. I never really thought of the developments I made from the teenager that used to watch (and still is) TV shows about DIY to the person that owns power tools and has some self-made furniture at home.

If you would like to know more about my history with woodworking and my current situation please take a look to Berlin Wood Sisters: Meet the Sister blog.

I promise I will share some of my works!

I’m here to answer any question you might have about my hobby and let me know if you would like to have more insight on any specific project I did.

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