Christmas menu

Hi all,

This year we decided to stay in Berlin to avoid too much stress (we had plenty of it this past year) so instead of enjoying delicious food made from my family and my mother-in-law we ended up cooking for friends.

The good part of remaining in Berlin, aside avoiding stress, is that we also had time to prepare a nice menu for our lovely guest.

As some of you know already, I am Dominican therefore we celebrate on the 24th of December and as raised in Italy we do also celebrate on the 25th December with my husband’s family. I can tell you that my stomach has a lot of work during those days but the effort worth it all!

We agreed to continue the tradition by celebrating both days and here is the menu we prepared for this year:

Menu for the 24th

  1. Antipasti
  2. First course
  3. Main course
    • roasted quail with baked potatoes
  4. Dessert
    • Macarons
    • Pandoro (traditional Italian sweet bread loaf served over Christmas and New Year eve)

Menu for the 25th

  1. Antipasti
    • vol-au-vent with smoked salmon and robiola (Italian soft cheese)
    • vol-au-vent with creme cheese and tuna
    • crostini (toasted bread) with Tuscan liver sauce (in Italian salsa Toscana)
    • crostini (toasted bread) with pig lard (in Italian Lardo di colonnata)
  2. First course
    • Cannelloni with minced meat
  3. Main course
    • Grilled salmon with green bean with tomato sauce
  4. Dessert
    • Pandoro (traditional Italian sweet bread loaf served over Christmas and New Year eve)

So, this is the original menu we had I mind. Due to some issues we ended up not having guests on the 25th and we avoided cooking the salmon as it would have been too much for the three of us.

I hope you find these recipe useful for other celebrations or just for a nice dinner or lunch.

As usual, let me know if you prepare something mentioned above! I will eventually post some of the recipes as soon as I find time.

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